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Hypothermia in Cars Pose Risk to Children This Winter

-Pop-A-Lock Free PALSavesKids Program


With Winter approaching quickly, safety thoughts turn to keeping warm and driving safely in wintry conditions. However, as temperatures drop in the Indianapolis area, the growing concern of parents leaving children in locked cars –normally associated with the summer heat – becomes just as serious an issue in the freezing winter months. Last year alone there were 44 deaths reported due to children being accidentally left in vehicles. Pop-A-Lock, the country’s largest security company, wants parents and caregivers to be informed about the extreme, and sometimes fatal, dangers of locking a child in a vehicle accidentally during extreme cold and hot months through their free PALSavesKids program that aims to prevent child fatalities. Aimed to support local police and firefighters, the program educates parents to first call 9-1-1 and then call 1-800-Pop-A-Lock.  The Pop-A-Lock technician nearest to the scene will leave all other priorities aside to arrive as soon as possible to unlock the child from the automobile.  This free community service program was originally launched in 1991 and since then has saved over 350,000 children.

The Holidays are a good time reduce stress; some ideas to help:

Laugh a lot

Play with a child

Stay organized

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Help others

Give others a break

Live for today

Pump yourself up

Eat well



Look for opportunities

Find a funny in life

Say no more often

Say yes more deeply

Live within your budget

Listen to music

Hug your family and friends

Use support groups

Talk with friends

Forgive and forget

Listen more

Give thanks

Give praise

Make lists

Delegate if possible

Laugh some more!

Leadership Do’s and Don’ts


Communicate your vision and strategy often

Set the highest standards for performance

Be a straight shooter

Demonstrate the values of honesty, integrity, respect

Demand the same of your employees

Encourage teamwork and peer support

Make customers and employees feel important

Think straight.

Remove your emotions from making decisions

Bring out the best in people

Focus on an individual’s good qualities.

Be open-minded

Be assertive, with tact and diplomacy

Learn to communicate with people on all levels

Strive to be fair in all situations

Make it a habit to ask this question:  ”Is there anything I should know about?”

Make it a habit to ask this one too:  ”How can I help you with this?”

Help people manage change

Bring out the best in people

Believe in people before they believe in themselves.

Motivate, appreciate

Nip problems in the bud

Tell people what you know and what you don’t know. They will respect you for it.

Support a charity

Let your employees chose the charity.

What’s right

Let a single day go by without talking to a single employee or group of employees

Tolerate negativity, gossip, poor performance

Forget to smile and say hello to employees when you pass them in the hall

Fail to say you are wrong when you realize it


Attack anyone’s ego, correct performance, or confront anyone in front of others

Take anyone for granted

See things only through your own eyes

Be a “Firehoser” and shoot down ideas

Let difficult people or situations get the best of you

Lose your conviction, commitment

Be inconsistent


Show favoritism

Come to work in a brand new Mercedes if you haven’t given people a raise in 3 years

Fail to explain why you do what you do, why you have made decisions, etc

Ramble on

Give big bonuses to sales people and nothing to your employees

Allow someone else to ramble on during a meeting

Following an accident that sent a vehicle into an office building, our superintendent received the following email thank you from the property manager:

Thank you! You immediately jumped into action… you barricaded off the critical areas to ensure the safety of our tenants… you asked if I wanted help getting the power shut down, then you oversaw it to ensure it went smoothly… you asked your crews to help cover the exterior of the grounds to keep tenants from trying to walk through the broken glass (and they were trying)… you remained calm, professional and sincere the entire time… you constantly had your team moving and helping…

We are happy to help whether in an emergency or in the course of normal business planning. It is what makes us feel connected to our clients. It feels extra special when the clients feel the same way.

CHAMP Camp provides a week-long camp experience for children and young adults with tracheostomies and those who require technological respiratory assistance.  They are currently raising money to build a wheelchair accessible treehouse at Bradford Woods that can be used by not only CHAMP Camp but also Camp Riley, Little Red Door, MDA Camp and numerous other groups of children with disabilities.

This project is ambitious, and due to the complexities, and without any fancy amenities, the estimated cost is $300,000.

Although any amount would be greatly appreciated with CHAMP Camp is celebrating its 25th Anniversary a $25 donation would be a meaningful appropriation to the cause. Below is a link if you would like to help this worthy cause.


Our thanks in advance for your consideration.

Here are some tips for handling snow safely:

Choose a shovel that is right for your height: shovels that are too short cause you to
bend over and increase the risk of back strain.

If possible push snow rather than lifting it.

Instead of throwing the snow over your shoulder or to the side, push it straight ahead and dump it into a pile beside the path.

Walk straight into snow until your shovel is full. When moving snow, turn with your entire body rather than twisting. Include your feet in the process by moving them in the same direction as your body.

Start shoveling as soon as possible. New snow is lighter than snow that has been falling for a while.

Use ice-melt or an ice chipper to remove any slipping hazards.

Clear doorways so that doors can open to their fullest extent.

If at any moment you experience pain or chest discomfort, stop what you are doing and seek medical aide.

Sales/Marketing/Business Development – it’s all about people; we share basic steps to delivering excellence.


Remember What Customers Really Buy

  • They buy the promises we make.  Make them with care.
  • They buy our credibility, or don’t buy if we lack it.  Be credible.  Follow through.
  • They buy us, our managers, our superintendents, our carpenters and laborers, our office staff, our products.
  • They buy our reputation and good name.  Help make it a good one.
  • They buy other people’s opinions of us and our company.  Make sure they’re great.
  • They buy solutions to problems.  Solving problems establishes customer loyalty
  • They buy safety for their future, and their company’s future.  Help them feel secure.
  • They buy value.  They buy value-added.  Under promise / Over deliver.
  • They buy service.  Make sure ours is World Class
  • They buy success. Our company’s success can lead to theirs.
  • They buy professionalism.  Be professional and ethical at all times.
  • They buy appreciation. Do everything we can for our customers.
  • They buy trust. Follow through, and make sure everyone at CCB follows through.

123 Hoosier workers lost their lives in workplace accidents in 2013; this is up from the record low number of 115 workplace fatalities in 2012. The Indiana Construction Industry was responsible for 15 of the 123 losses in 2013.

Follow the link below for more details.


It is never pleasant when a contractor has an “oops”. It’s not quite as bad as a surgeon’s mistake but it can leave a tenant or building owner scratching his head and wondering if he made the right decision when he hired his construction professional.

While waiting at a clinic, a CCB staff member tells us the room went dark for 15 minutes. Shortly after the lights came back on, the contractor (not CCB) came to the tenant to apologize for the outage. It seems the contractor was doing some testing and forgot about the impact on the tenants.

Lack of planning for the likely impact of testing on the tenants was the root problem. The problem was exacerbated by the fact the contractor’s representative didn’t do a very good job communicating with a room full of angry patients and clinic staff members.

CCB does a majority of our work in occupied facilities, where business needs to continue uninterrupted. It is an art form we have perfected over decades and our many repeat clients understand the importance of making them look good to their clients and staff members.

The CCB staff member in this story was so proud of the way we as a company perform, he wanted to share it with the world.


Check out our short list of Halloween safety tips to protect little ghosts and goblins…


  • Start early so you can end early

  • Wear light colored costumes for better visibility

  • Make sure vision is not obstructed by a mask or other costume feature

  • Make sure costumes are flame resistant and that they fit properly

  • Carry a flashlight and wear glow in the dark bracelets or necklaces

  • Trim Halloween bags with reflective tape

  • Have a parent present at all times (94% of elementary school age children will be out on Friday night; easy prey for abduction if they are not protected)

  • Travel in groups

  • Obey traffic signs and cross streets in a safe place

  • Never consume candy or other treats before they are checked over

Happy Halloween from Charles C. Brandt Construction Co.!

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