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11/06/14 – What happens when you fail to plan?

11/06/14 - What happens when you fail to plan?

11/06/14 – What happens when you fail to plan?

It is never pleasant when a contractor has an “oops”. It’s not quite as bad as a surgeon’s mistake but it can leave a tenant or building owner scratching his head and wondering if he made the right decision when he hired his construction professional.

While waiting at a clinic, a CCB staff member tells us the room went dark for 15 minutes. Shortly after the lights came back on, the contractor (not CCB) came to the tenant to apologize for the outage. It seems the contractor was doing some testing and forgot about the impact on the tenants.

Lack of planning for the likely impact of testing on the tenants was the root problem. The problem was exacerbated by the fact the contractor’s representative didn’t do a very good job communicating with a room full of angry patients and clinic staff members.

CCB does a majority of our work in occupied facilities, where business needs to continue uninterrupted. It is an art form we have perfected over decades and our many repeat clients understand the importance of making them look good to their clients and staff members.

The CCB staff member in this story was so proud of the way we as a company perform, he wanted to share it with the world.

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