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01/06/14 – Emergency rescue provided as a community service

01/06/14 - Emergency rescue provided as a community service

01/06/14 – Emergency rescue provided as a community service

Hypothermia in Cars Pose Risk to Children This Winter

-Pop-A-Lock Free PALSavesKids Program


With Winter approaching quickly, safety thoughts turn to keeping warm and driving safely in wintry conditions. However, as temperatures drop in the Indianapolis area, the growing concern of parents leaving children in locked cars –normally associated with the summer heat – becomes just as serious an issue in the freezing winter months. Last year alone there were 44 deaths reported due to children being accidentally left in vehicles. Pop-A-Lock, the country’s largest security company, wants parents and caregivers to be informed about the extreme, and sometimes fatal, dangers of locking a child in a vehicle accidentally during extreme cold and hot months through their free PALSavesKids program that aims to prevent child fatalities. Aimed to support local police and firefighters, the program educates parents to first call 9-1-1 and then call 1-800-Pop-A-Lock.  The Pop-A-Lock technician nearest to the scene will leave all other priorities aside to arrive as soon as possible to unlock the child from the automobile.  This free community service program was originally launched in 1991 and since then has saved over 350,000 children.

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